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Inventory Management Systems
  Our inventory system is intended for any business or hobbyist who wants to manage and display their product inventory on-line. This system also works great for running an on-line classifieds.

You do not need to know how to program in HTML or use FTP to manage your on-line inventory. This site is perfect also for automating item-specific inquiries and quotes, displaying pictures, content management, maintaining a member distribution list, and more!

Features of the on-line inventory system:
1) Allow customers easy access to a searchable inventory
2) Allow customers to organize all of the items of interest into one shopping basket
3) Allow customers to ask questions about items individually
4) Display pictures of items
5) Sends information and quote requests to sales/inventory manager by email and stores in database.
6) Allows item-specific contact information to be stored so that inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate representative.

Fully customizable!
The demos from this page take you to "plain vanilla" samples of our system, but this inventory system was designed to be customized to match the layout of any existing web site. Don't already have a web site? We can build one for you. Among other options, our on-line inventory can be integrated with our eCommerce system to allow credit card purchases from your site.

Create categories and subcategories on the fly!
All categories, subcategories, labels, backgrounds, text, and headers can easily be customized. Once the site is configured to your specifications you can create and remove item categories using the administrator system without programming or complicated forms.

Manage your inventory easily!
Our administration system allows you to add, edit, and delete inventory data and pictures without using special tools or programming.

As low as $39.95/mo.
With a standard business web hosting subscription, access to the Degnan, Co. inventory management system is FREE! [set up fee applies].

This demonstration will ...
...Display what an inventory will look like to clients/customers
...Demonstrate how to administer inventory on-line.


Choose a sample demo:
Select from our demo inventory systems below. Note that these are "plain vanilla" demos; your site can be customized to meet your required layout and inventory field names as needed. Notice how the demos have different categories, searches, and item field labels, etc.
Demo Name Access Mode
Demo Equipment Inc. Public View Admin View
Demo Coin Inc. Public View  
Degnan Records Public View
International Fluid Power Public View Admin View
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